Reciprocalshell Demonstrator Construction started

After completing our first reciprocalshell demonstrator in December 2022 in collaboration with Chalmers University, a second demonstrator was planned for a central location in the city of Augsburg. While the first demonstrator was built with a span of 7 meters, the second demonstrator is planned with a span of 15 meters. While the production and assembly of the first demonstrator was carried out with a team of students, the second demonstrator was realised in collaboration with the professional company CLTech Timber Construction.

Design and Engineering Team:
Digital Timber Construction DTC
University of Applied Sciences Augsburg
Prof. Dr. Christopher Robeller
Dr. Hamed Karimian A., Amin Adelzadeh, M.Sc.

Research Funding:
Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture
.TSI – Timber Structure Interface
Grant ID 2220HV001X

Production and Construction: CLTech GmbH Kaiserslautern,
Structural approval: IngPunkt, Markus Bernhard,
Concrete slabs: Lauter Beton, Bobingen,

First Demonstrator developed in collaboration with Chalmers University: