Lecture by Agustín Dieste

DTC Expert Lecture 04.10.2023 – Room B2.14 + online at 17:15 / Agustín Dieste, architect and grandson of the famous builder Eladio Dieste, gives a lecture at the start of the semester about his grandfather’s work, as well as his own continuation of the work. All students, researchers and external guests are invited to join the talk. You can join live online via ZOOM at this link

About Agustin Dieste

Agustín Dieste is an architect graduated from UDELAR, 2013, and MSc. in Material Practice by the University of Edinburgh, 2016. He has worked in architectural practices and construction companies in Uruguay, Ireland, Spain and the UK. His work is focused on the interaction between traditional and digital crafts applied to architecture and construction, in particular in the use of timber and its engineered products. He currently works as project architect and digital workflows specialist at Northlight Architects, London.

About Eladio Dieste

From the mid 1940s, Eladio Dieste designed and built increasingly ambitious and innovative structures in reinforced ceramics. His work was grounded on a solid understanding and sensitive use of the nature of the material itself and of laminar statics. Some of these same principles are thought to be valid to apply today to different material and technologic ways to effectively and elegantly covering long spans. The Talk by Agustín Dieste will be streamed live, the link will be poste here soon.



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