Karl Åhlund

I recently have joined the DTC research team at hs-augsburg to help develop and research advanced timber construction and fabrication techniques at the TTZ Aichach.

Born in the United States to Swedish parents, I returned to Sweden to complete my high school studies and to study at university where i I finished my master’s degree in Architecture at Chalmers University of Technology.

Before I have worked developing hardware and software tools for the Chalmers ACE robot lab to be used in conjunction with research projects focused on additive manufacturing and design. This include several 3d printer tools for various materials and production methodologies. The range of materials consists of filament based plastic extrusion to pellet based large scale additive manufacturing and multidisciplinary research into the use of bio-based liquid polymers. I enjoy the inherent experimentation and prototyping based approach required for working with and developing new materials and methods within additive manufacturing.