Prof. Dr. Christopher Robeller

I am a Professor for Digital Design and Production at the Augsburg University of Applied Sciences, leading the Digital Timber Construction DTC working group. We are researching and teaching at the interface between architecture, civil engineering, robotics and computer science and our aim is to make constructions more sustainable through digital methods and technology. Important topics are material-saving lightweight constructions, rapid assembly wood-wood connections, sustainable types of wood and materials and the reuse and recycling of components. Previously I have worked as a Junior Professor at TU Kaiserslautern, as a Postdoc at the Swiss National Centre of Competence for Digital Fabrication NCCR dfab at ETH Zurich, as a PhD assistant at the Timber Construction Laboratory IBOIS at EPFL Lausanne, and as a research associate at the Institute of Computational Design ICD, University of Stuttgart. I received a Doctor of Sciences from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology EPFL, and a Professional Diploma in Architecture with Distinction from London Metropolitan University. The research has been implemented in projects such as the 2010 ICD/itke pavilion, 2013 IBOIS curved folded shell, 2017 Lausanne Vidy Theater, 2015-2020 Factory hall in Manternach, 2019 HexBox Canopy, the 2019 Recycleshell and the 2021 Chestnut Cabin.

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